Saturday, February 26, 2011

Say it loud. Censorship!

I saw a sign once that had the picture of a shattering light bulb.  In big bold letters it said, Censorship.  Underneath in smaller print (though still in a menacing font) it went on to say, the murder of an idea.
I am intrigued by the idea of censorship for some reason.  I’ve read about it and studied how it has affected other societies and cultures, but I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced it.  I doubt that many of my generation have.  The few examples that might be cited would, I’m sure, seem mild at worst to those who have known real oppression and censorship. 
We live in a time and place where we can say so much—really almost anything.  What we say doesn’t even have to be thought out or rational.  It strikes me that in a place where that is the case we still see signs that decry censorship.
I guess that’s the irony of it.  There is plenty liberty, enough to talk about how oppressive censorship is.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am composing this directly into the body of this post, something I rarely do.  This is just a short thought, so I don't think it will affect content.

There is a phrase, "By no stretch of the imagination..."  then a situation is given.

Who says that my imagination has the same elasticity as yours?  The two words the imagination when paired thusly seem so static.  There is no room for differentiation between minds' ability to stretch reality.  The phrase could use a possessive pronoun, my imagination or your imagination.

Let's not limit ourselves or each other by restricting how far our minds can stretch the truth.